Anna Nikodem

Wrocław University of TechnologyPoland

EDUCATION: 2002-2007 Wroclaw University of Technology, Department of Biomechanical Engineering and Experimental Mechanics, Ph.D. 2008 (Biomechanics) 2009-2010 AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, post-graduate studies Biomaterials: materials for medicine 2000-2001 Université Lille1, France DESS Technologie et Logistique en Biologie et Medicine 1997-2002 Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, (Technical Physics/Biomedical Engineering), M.Sc. SUPPLEMENTARY COURSES: 07/2006 Biomechanical aspects of cartilage tissue Course organized by professor Keita Ito and Eindhoven University of Technology 04/2004 Advanced Course on Tissue Remodelling, Course organized by Polish Academy of Science, Warszawa, Poland 06/2003 Modelling coupled phenomena in saturated porous materials, Course organized by Polish Academy of Science in Bydgoszcz, Poland RESEARCH GRANTS: 2010-pending Primary investigator in research grant from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Influence of bone tissue mineralisation process on pathomechanism of osteoarthritis of femur bone, 2008-2010 Primary investigator in research grant from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Analysis of the influence of bone fluid flow and mechanisms of bone microdamage on bone remodelling processes, 04-07/2006 Research fellow in Biomechanical Laboratory at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, project Investigation of mechanical and structural properties of cancellous femur bone, supervisor: Bert van Rietbergen 02-06/2002 Research fellow in Mechanical Laboratory on University Paris XII, project: Characterisation of trabecular bone architecture, supervisor: Christian Oddou 02-05/2001 Research fellow in Biomaterials Laboratory of Biophysics in Faculty of Medicine in Lille2, project Vascular Prosthesis, supervisor: Hartmut Frederic Hildebrand

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