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Griffith University Australia

Dr. Jane Francis Manakil is an academic and a clinician in the School of Dentistry at Griffith University, Australia. She holds a PhD, a Grad. Cert in Clinical Dentistry from University of Queensland, Australia and is a Member of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Dr. Manakil completed her specialty in the field of Periodontology (1989) and BDS in 1985. She has three decades of clinical experience, with skills covering all aspects of general dentistry, her main focus being in Periodontology and Radiology. Her clinical and research interests include learning and teaching, practice in the field of periodontics, preventative applications and relationship between periodontitis and systemic disorders. She has edited books in various aspect of dentistry, reviewed articles and has publications in peer reviewed journals with multiple citations.

Jane Manakil

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Periodontology explores the molecular status in periodontal disease. Optical devices in the diagnosis and management of the disease are also discussed. The book addresses the role of the oral healthcare provider in interprofessional communication in the systemic management of autoimmune bullous disease-associated conditions. A study involving chemically modified tetracyclines and host modulation with nonsurgical and surgical periodontal therapy, including postoperative pain management, is presented here. Therapeutic strategies of stem cell application in bone tissue engineering and the potential of platelet-rich fibrin-sourced growth factors in periodontal procedures to enhance wound healing and regeneration are also proposed. Supportive implant maintenance and regenerative processes are explored. Management of the endoperiodontal lesion is also discussed (note: the recent periodontal classification has not been referenced here). The book explores the best transdisciplinary practices for the management of special healthcare needs patients.

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