Lino Garcia Morales

Autonomous University of Madrid Spain

Lino García Morales has graduated in Automatic Control Engineering at Polytechnic Institute “José A. Echeverría”. He has received a master’s degree in Systems and Communications Networks at Technical University of Madrid, PhD. in Communications Technologies and Systems at UPM, PhD. in Contemporary Artistic Practices and Art Theory at European University of Madrid. He has been professor at the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Comillas Pontifical University (UPCO), Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), Senior Lecturer of Higher Technical School (ESP) at UEM, Coordinator of Electronica and Digital Art Degree and Director of Master in Architectonic and Environmental Acoustic at UEM. At the moment he is professor at UPM. He has extensive experience in digital signal processing, adaptive filtering, digital speech and audio processing, acoustic and digital art conservation-restoration.

Lino Garcia Morales

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Adaptive filtering can be used to characterize unknown systems in time-variant environments. The main objective of this approach is to meet a difficult comprise: maximum convergence speed with maximum accuracy. Each application requires a certain approach which determines the filter structure, the cost function to minimize the estimation error, the adaptive algorithm, and other parameters; and each selection involves certain cost in computational terms, that in any case should consume less time than the time required by the application working in real-time. Theory and application are not, therefore, isolated entities but an imbricated whole that requires a holistic vision. This book collects some theoretical approaches and practical applications in different areas that support expanding of adaptive systems.

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