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Dr. Azita Goshtasebi, MD, PhD is a Mother and Child Health Specialist at the Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research, ACECR in Tehran, Iran. As a pioneer in the field, she has focused her research interest on sexual and reproductive health, especially female sexual dysfunctions. She is a passionate advocate for incorporating sexual health into medical curricula. Having published and reviewed several papers, book chapters and books, Dr. Goshtasebi has become widely recognized for her education and practice expertise in sexual and reproductive health.

Azita Goshtasebi

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Sexual dysfunctions have recently recognized as one of the major public health problems. This book enhances our scientific understanding of sexual function and dysfunction from different perspectives. It presents evidence-based interventions for sexual dysfunctions in difficult medical situations such as cancer, and gives a valuable overview of recent experimental researches on the topic. Published in collaboration with InTech - Open Access Publisher, this imperative work will be a practical resource for health care providers and researchers who are involved in the study of sexual health.

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