Gerhard Hamilton

Medical University of Vienna Austria

Dr. Gerhard Hamilton studied biochemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria. After finishing his doctoral thesis he got a position in the research laboratories of the Department of Surgery at the University Medical School of Vienna and obtained the degree of associate professor in 1996. His scientific publications comprise the fields of organ transplantation, burn care, sepsis and oncology. Recent research projects have focussed on preclinical characterization of anticancer compounds and mechanisms of drug resistance. Furthermore, special topics are assessment of diagnostic testing based on cytokeratin fragments in colorectal and prostate cancer and intermittent androgen suppression. In addition, Dr. Hamilton has been the scientific coordinator of the 'Ludwig Boltzmann Cluster of Translational Oncology” Vienna, Austria since 2006.

Gerhard Hamilton

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Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men and its treatment was constricted to surgery for confined state and androgen ablation for advanced disease until new options have become available. The present book covers a broad range of novel aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and patient care, as well as new research on relevant cell biology. In detail, this special volume focusses on supportive modalities for prostate cancer patients, appropriate selection of novel therapeutic regimens, including inhibitors of steroidal synthesis, cytotoxic agents, as well as intermittent androgen suppression and the roles of prostate cancer stem cells and inflammatory processes.

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