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Thomas Rath is a doctor of medicine and specialist in internal medicine, nephrology, hypertension, and infectious diseases. He lives in Kaiserslautern, a city of 100,000 inhabitants in the southwest part of Germany. After completing his studies at the University of Mainz, he became a resident at the Westpfalz-Klinikum in Kaiserslautern, a tertiary care hospital with 1300 hospital beds. There, he is Head of the Department of Nephrology and Transplantation Medicine and also responsible for the outpatient clinic for patients with infectious diseases. He is an active member of many national and international societies. During his scientific career he has published more than 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals and more than 150 abstracts and posters at national and international congresses. He gives lectures at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern on “artificial organ support.”

Thomas Rath

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Chronic kidney disease is a worldwide disease affecting up to 4% of the population. In many cases, glomerulonephritis is the underlying disease leading to kidney failure. One hallmark of glomerulonephritis is proteinuria, which may in its most severe form lead to nephrotic syndrome. In seven chapters, this book puts light on different aspects related to the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of glomerulonephritis. In addition, chapters dealing with the importance of biomarkers in patients with glomerulonephritis will be beneficial for the open-minded reader. Nevertheless, new insights in renal rehabilitation in patients with chronic kidney disease will be provided.

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