Mohammad Naraghi

Texas A&M University United States of America

Dr. Mohammad Naraghi received his PhD degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Department of Aerospace Engineering, in 2009. His PhD research was in the field of nanomechanics and the application of MEMS sensors and actuators to investigate the mechanical behavior of soft nanofibers. His thesis research received the 'Roger A. Strehlow Memorial Award” for outstanding research accomplishments by the Aerospace Engineering Department at UIUC. Since then, Dr. Naraghi has been working as a post-doctorate research fellow at Northwestern University, in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Starting from January 2012, he will be an Assistant professor at Texas A and M University, Department of Aerospace Engineering. His main field of expertise is bio-inspired high performance light-weight nanocomposites, multiscale mechanics of carbon nanotube based materials, nanomechanics, mechanical characterization of soft nanostructures, and application of MEMS to nanomechanics.

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Carbon Nanotubes are among the strongest, toughest, and most stiff materials found on earth. Moreover, they have remarkable electrical and thermal properties, which make them suitable for many applications including nanocomposites, electronics, and chemical detection devices. This book is the effort of many scientists and researchers all over the world to bring an anthology of recent developments in the field of nanotechnology and more specifically CNTs. In this book you will find:
- Recent developments in the growth of CNTs
- Methods to modify the surfaces of CNTs and decorate their surfaces for specific applications
- Applications of CNTs in biocomposites such as in orthopedic bone cement
- Application of CNTs as chemical sensors
- CNTs for fuelcells
- Health related issues when using CNTs

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