Dimitris Papantonis

National Technical University of Athens Greece

Papantonis Dimitris, Professor, born in Pireaus (Greece) in 1951, holds MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), 1974, the degree of Hydraulic Engineer and Docteur-Ingenieur degree from Ecole Nationale d\' Hydraulique de Toulouse (ENSEEIHT), 1977. Since 1981 he is a Faculty Member of the Mechanical Engineering Department of NTUA and actually Professor on Hydraulic Turbomachines and Director of the Laboratory of Hydraulic Turbomachines of NTUA. He has been performing and directing research in the area of numerical flow prediction on hydraulic turbomachines, test modelling, transient phenomena and optimal sizing of small hydroelectric power plants. He has been responsible of various JOULE, THERMIE, ALTENER, ENERGY projects, in several of them acting as co-ordinator. He has published more than 90 papers in Scientific and Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings.

Dimitris Papantonis

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The structure of a hydraulic machine, as a centrifugal pump, is evolved principally to satisfy the requirements of the fluid flow. However taking into account the strong interaction between the pump and the pumping installation, the need to control the operation, the requirement to operate at best efficiency in order to save energy, the provision to improve the operation against cavitation and other more specific but very interesting and important topics, the object of a book on centrifugal pumps must cover a large field. The present book examines a number of these more specific topics, beyond the contents of a textbook, treating not only the pump's design and operation but also strategies to increase energy efficiency, the fluid flow control, the fault diagnosis.

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