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Old Dominion University United States of America

Adrian V. Gheorghe holds a M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Power Engineering, Bucharest Polytechnic Institute (1968), Romania. He has a Ph.D. in Systems Science/Systems Engineering, from City University, London, UK (1975); MBA from Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (1985); M.Sc. Engineering-Economics, Bucharest Polytechnic Institute. Previously he was involved in educational activities as Professor of Industrial/Energy Policy and Organizational Management, Bucharest Polytechnic University, Romania, Department of Physics, University of Bucharest, and Professor for Industrial Risks and Decision Analysis, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania. He was a civil servant (1990-1993) with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria working in the field of comparative risk assessment of various energy systems, and regional risk assessment of nuclear and industrial systems. During 1993 - 2006 he was Director with the Centre of Excellence on Risk and Safety Sciences, and Senior Scientist, with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland and Professor (Visitor) Operations Research and Decision Analysis. In March 2006 he was appointed as Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, and offered the Batten Endowed Chair on System Engineering. His research interests are in the fields of risk and vulnerability assessment for complex systems, risk assessment transportation of dangerous good, systems engineering modeling for critical infrastructures (e.g. energy systems, multimodal transportation infrastructures, IT security, and petrochemical and refineries complexes), system of systems engineering, sustainable development, homeland security related research and policy science implementation.

Adrian V. Gheorghe

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The present book proposes and fosters discussion on the current applications in the field of system of systems, with emphasis on the implications of the fact that new developments and area of technical and non-technical applications are merging. The book aims to establish an effective platform for communication among various types of practitioners and theory developers involved in using the system thinking and systems engineering approaches at the scale of increased complexity and advancing computational solutions to such systems.

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