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Columbia University United States of America

Scott M. Kahn, Ph.D. is Director of Basic Urologic Research at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Institute for Health Sciences in New York City, and Member of the Herbert Irving Columbia Presbyterian Comprehensive Cancer Center, with an appointment in the Department of Urology. Additionally, Dr. Kahn serves as Biomarkers Council Chairman for the International Cancer Advocacy Network. Since receiving his Ph.D. from SUNY @ Stony Brook in 1988, Dr. Kahn’s research has covered a broad spectrum of cancer biology, including work on signal transduction, cell cycle control, cancer genetics, microsatellite instability, biomarker detection, and oncogene addiction. His more recent studies have focused on intracellular expression of the steroid binding protein, sex hormone-binding globulin in the prostate and breast, and its role in androgen and estrogen signaling.

Scott M. Kahn

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