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University of Warwick United Kingdom

Dr. Sonya Vengrova did her undergraduate studies in the Moscow State University in Russia. During this period, she also did a research project at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA, and gained her Diploma from the Moscow State University in 2000. Subsequently, she went to the Rockefeller University in New York, USA, to work in the field of developmental genetics. She moved to the UK to start a PhD program at the Imperial College, London, UK in 2009, in the field of genome stability. The research was funded by the Marie Curie Cancer Care, and was carried out in the Marie Curie Research Institute, UK. Dr. Vengrova gained her PhD in 2004 and continued postdoctoral work at the Marie Curie Research Institute. In 2009, she moved to the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, where she currently works as a Wellcome Trust research fellow on projects addressing different aspects of genome stability.

Sonya Vengrova

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Over the past decades, great advances have been made in understanding the cellular DNA repair pathways. At the same time, a wealth of descriptive knowledge of human diseases has been accumulated. Now, the basic research of the mechanisms of DNA repair is merging with clinical research, placing the action of the DNA repair pathways in the context of the whole organism. Such integrative approach enables understanding of the disease mechanisms and is invaluable in improving diagnostics and prevention, as well as designing better therapies. This book highlights the central role of DNA repair in human health and well-being. The reviews presented here, contain detailed descriptions of DNA repair pathways, as well as analysis of a large body of evidence addressing links between DNA damage repair and human health. They will be of interest to a broad audience, from molecular biologists working on DNA repair in any model system, to medical researchers.

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