Ashraf Zaher

Mansoura University Egypt

Ashraf Zaher is a Professor and Consultant of Neurology at Neurology department, school of Medicine, University of Mansoura, Egypt. He received his M.D Neurology (2006), MSc Neurology and Psychological medicine (1999) and M.B.B.Ch (1993) from the School of Medicine, University of Mansoura, Egypt. His research interests include the EMG, NCV & Evoked Potentials including Visual Evoked Potential, BAEP and P300, Neuromuscular Disorders, Cerebral Stroke and Epilepsy in which he had published many local and international researches. Professor Zaher is an author of many books and book chapters and he has been teaching postgraduate and undergraduate Medical Students both conventional and Manchester Program (Problem based learning). He is also consulting in the Neurology field since 1999, and is a frequent contributor in many local and international conferences.

Ashraf Zaher

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Neuromuscular Disorders is an interesting compendium of diverse and fairly inclusive topics in disorders of nerve and muscle, with a spectrum of generally well written and pertinent chapters referencing specific categories of neuromuscular diseases. The expected emphasis on understanding the implications, diagnosis and treatment of the specific muscle and nerve diseases is well done. It contains a basic introductory chapter which is very well-done, and a large range of topics, well-summarized, making it a good reference manual as well as an aid to diagnosis and treatment contained in a relatively small volume. Its accessibility on the internet may make it especially appealing to the younger of us, making it simple to access without necessitating the book's presence in the office.

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