Vlad Alexandrescu

Born in 1958, Dr. Alexandrescu graduated at the Leuven Medical University (UCL, Saint-Luc University) in Brussels in 1994 (with honorary distinction).Adding further to postgraduate stages, he acquired complementary endovascular skills (particularly in carotid, aortic, and below-the-knee peripheral revascularizations) in Saint Joseph Hospital in Marseille (Pr. P. Bergeron and Pr. J. Jausseran), France, and earned particular experience in lower limb CTO recanalization techniques in Leicester Royal Infirmary (Professors P. R. Bell and N. J. London, Vascular Dept. University of Leicester), UK.

Vlad Alexandrescu

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Outstanding scientific advances over the last decades unceasingly reveal real complexity of wound-healing process, astonishing in its staged progression, as life is unfolding itself. This natural course of tissue repair seems to bear thousands of overlapping molecular and macroscopic processes that nowadays only start to unfold to our knowledge. The present volume collecting recent scientific references proposes to readers a two-folded audacious goal. First, an updated design of intimate cellular mechanisms is entailed in tissue regeneration that emanates from the first section of the book. Next, a multidisciplinary therapeutic perspective that focuses on macroscopic healing throughout the second part of this work adds clinically integrated observation. Practical diagnostic and treatment information is appended in each chapter that may equally help experienced clinicians or dedicated students and researchers in broadening essential breaking points of their work. It is the wish of all multidisciplinary experts who gather prominent author's panel of this volume to incorporate latest medical reports and compel limits of current understanding for better tissue regeneration, limb salvage, and improved quality of life of our patients.

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