Celso Pereira

Faculty of Medicine University of Coimbra

Prof. Celso Pereira, MD, Ph.D., is head-chief of the Clinical Immunology Unit and Clinical Herbal Medicine in Clinical Practice, Medicine Faculty, Coimbra University, Portugal. He is also a graduated specialist in immuno-allergy and has developed clinical activity at Coimbra Surgical Center. His main activities include clinical practice, education (pre and postgraduate), and clinical and laboratory research. He was president of the Immuno-Allergy Board of the Portuguese Medical Association. He is the coordinator of some Portuguese clinical guidelines and a member of the national committee for the diagnostic procedures for allergy and clinical immunology and the national committee for COVID vaccination. His scientific interests include research in the mechanisms of respiratory allergy, specific immunotherapy, and medicinal plant applications.

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Corticosteroids have a broad spectrum of mechanisms making them useful for treating a variety of pathological entities. They are crucial drugs in clinical control in a plethora of patients, despite recent advances resulting from the availability of new molecules with great selectivity for different receptors, cells, or biological mediators. This book includes high-quality scientific reviews of corticosteroids and their numerous uses.

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