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Dr. Wladislav Sudnik is a Professor of Welding at the Tula State University Welding Department. He received his Diploma in Welding Technology at Russian State Technological University, Moscow in 1965, his Doctorate in physics of metals at Tula State University in 1973, and his doctor habilitatus in Welding Technology at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in 1991. From 1977-1978 he was a Researcher at the Max-Planck for Iron and Steel Research. From 1991 to 2001 joint researches were carried out on development of models and creation of the software for arc welding with ISF RWTH, Aachen and Daimler AG, Stuttgart. He is a first recipient of the Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award of International Institute of Welding in 2003 for his outstanding technical-scientific work concerning Modelling and Simulation in the field of welding and allied processes.

Wladislav Sudnik

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Ever since the invention of arc technology in 1870s and its early use for welding lead during the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, advances in arc welding throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have seen this form of processing applied to a range of industries and progress to become one of the most effective techniques in metals and alloys joining. The objective of this book is to introduce relatively established methodologies and techniques which have been studied, developed and applied in industries or researches. State-of-the-art development aimed at improving technologies will be presented covering topics such as weldability, technology, automation, modelling, and measurement. This book also seeks to provide effective solutions to various applications for engineers and researchers who are interested in arc material processing. This book is divided into 4 independent sections corresponding to recent advances in this field.

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