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Dr. Despina Sanoudou: BSc Molecular Biology University of Hertfordshire (UK)/ PhD Department of Pathology of the University of Cambridge/ Instructor Department of Genetics, Children\'s Hospital Boston and Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School (USA). Trained at Brigham and Women\'s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital and Genzyme Inc, and certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics on Clinical Molecular Diagnostics. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at the Pharmacology Department, Medical School, University of Athens, focusing on Genomics/Pharmacogenomics. She has published over 50 publications in international scientific journals, has over 950 citations, and held more than 100 invited lectures. She is an expert reviewer for multiple international funding and publishing organizations, and serves on the editorial board of 7 scientific journals. Dr Sanoudou has received multiple awards including the National L’Oreal-UNESCO award for young women in science.

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The rapidly evolving field of Pharmacogenetics aims at identifying the genetic factors implicated in the inter-individual variation of drug response. These factors could enable patient sub-classification based on their treatment needs thus expediting drug development and promoting personalized, safer and more effective treatments. This book presents Pharmacogenetic examples from a broad spectrum of different drugs, for different diseases, which are representative of different stages of evaluation or application. It has been designed so as to serve both the unfamiliar reader through explanations of basic Pharmacogenetic concepts, the clinician with presentation of the latest developments and international guidelines, and the research scientist with examples of Pharmacogenetic applications, discussions on the limitations and an outlook on the new scientific trends in this field.

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Clinical Applications of Pharmacogenetics IntechOpen
Clinical Applications of Pharmacogeneti... Edited by Despina Sanoudou

Clinical Applications of Pharmacogenetics

Edited by Despina Sanoudou