Faik Atroshi

Dr. Faik Atroshi, PhD, is a docent and a senior researcher in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. With a licentiate in biomarkers of health and disease and as an adjunct professor in Clinical Genetics and Nutrition, he is both a senior researcher and a visiting professor in several international institutions and universities, including the Sleep Clinic and Cancer Bio-Immunotherapy Institute, Helsinki, Finland. He is the director of Education and Research for the Finnish Satellite Center, UNESCO; the president of the International Global Society for Nutrition, Environment, and Health (GSNEH); an editorial board member of the Scientific World Journal; and the committee member of the Finnish Medical Physiological Society.

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Pharmacology and Nutritional Intervention in the Treatment of Disease is a book dealing with an important research field that has worldwide significance. Its aim is to strengthen the research base of this field of investigation as it yields knowledge that has important implications for biomedicine, public health and biotechnology. The book has brought together an interdisciplinary group of contributors and prominent scholars from different parts of the world. The basic purpose of this book was to promote interaction and discussion of problems of mutual interests among people in related fields everywhere. The main subjects of the book include nutrition, mechanisms underlying treatments, physiological aspects of vitamins and trace elements, antioxidants: regulation, signalling, infection and inflammation, and degenerative and chronic diseases.

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