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University of Helsinki Finland

Dr. Faik Atroshi, PhD, is a docent and a senior researcher in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. With a licentiate in biomarkers of health and disease and as an adjunct professor in Clinical Genetics and Nutrition, he is both a senior researcher and a visiting professor in several international institutions and universities, including the Sleep Clinic andCancer Bio-Immunotherapy Institute, Helsinki, Finland. He is the director of Education and Research for the Finnish Satellite Center, UNESCO; the president of the International Global Society for Nutrition, Environment, and Health (GSNEH); an editorial board member of the Scientific World Journal; and the committee member of the Finnish Medical Physiological Society

Faik Atroshi

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“Personalized Medicine, in Relation to Redox State, Diet and Lifestyle” is a book on the important issues regarding good health and a need for more selective and sensitive systems to identify diseases. It is a complex issue. Presently, in 2020 we have the fight against Coronavirus with high lethality and the world is asking for information on its metabolism, spread and tools to prevent, protect and cure. The complexity of diseases indicate that we must involve diet and lifestyle at the individual level and discuss the possible impact on evolutionary defense systems. We also need to include discussions of the redox state of compounds and this requires collaborations between research areas. The book has gathered interdisciplinary works, joining fields such as trace elements, biochemistry, physiology and analytical chemistry with the aim of finding new approaches to diseases, for example by using individual treatment at the cellular level.

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