Mufti Mahmud

University of PaduaItaly

I was born in a small northern town of Bangladesh on 1980. As soon as I completed the school, I accepted the Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP) scholarship from the Government of India to pursue my Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Madras and University of Mysore respectively. After working about two years in the Indian software industry as a software engineer, I returned to Bangladesh and joined a university as a lecturer of computer science & engineering. I then relocated to Italy for a Second Level Masters in Nano and Micro Electromechanical Systems (Bio-NEMS/MEMS) from University of Trento, where I worked on fabrication of DNA microarrays. During my Doctoral thesis in the Bioengineering curriculum at the University of Padova, Italy, I worked on Brain-Chip Interfacing with especial emphasis on processing and analysis of neuronal signals recorded from anesthetized rats. The degree concluded with the thesis titled: SigMate: A Comprehensive Automated Tool for Processing and Analysis of Extracellular Brain Signals Recorded by Neuronal Probes. My fields of research are high resolution brain-chip interface, neuronal signal processing, brain-machine interfacing, intelligent system development for neuroscience applications.

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