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Dr. Oliviu Pascu graduated at the Faculty of General Medicine, Institute of Medicine & Pharmacy in 1963. He became professor of internal medicine and gastroenterology at the IIIrd Medical Clinic, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 1990. From 1990 until 2000 he was dean (Faculty of Medicine) and then rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj. Until 2009 he acted as president of the Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy and is presently honorary president. His first monograph on digestive endoscopy was published in Romania in 1982. while his first textbook on gastroenterology 1996-1997. He has practiced digestive endoscopy since 1969 and introduced hemostasis and polypectomy in Romania (1975). More than 150 of his articles have been published in Romanian and international medical journals. Dr. Pascu is a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Romania and many Romanian and European scientific societies.

Oliviu Pascu

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Endoscopy has had a major impact in the development of modern gastroenterology. By using different data it provided a better understanding of pathogenic mechanisms, described new entities and changed diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Meanwhile, taking advantage of many technical advances, endoscopy has had a developed spectacularly. Video-endoscopes, magnification, confocal and narrow-band imaging endoscopes, endoscopic ultrasounds and enteroscopes emerged. Moreover, endoscopy has surpassed its function as an examination tool and it became a rapid and efficient therapeutic tool of low invasiveness. InTech Open Access Publisher selected several known names from all continents and countries with different levels of development. Multiple specific points of view, with respect to different origins of the authors were presented together with various topics regarding diagnostic or therapeutic endoscopy. This book represents a valuable tool for formation and continuous medical education in endoscopy considering the performances or technical possibilities in different parts of the world.

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