Yasuhiro Honda

Stanford University School of Medicine United States of America

Dr Yasuhiro Honda is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and a faculty member at the Center for Cardiovascular Technology, Stanford University School of Medicine. He received his MD from Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine. After completing cardiology training in Japan, he joined the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University in 1995, and has been serving as Co-Director of the Cardiovascular Core Analysis Laboratory (CCAL) since 2005. CCAL is a state-of-the-art core laboratory and data management center - a leading centralized resource of image analysis in the conduct of national and international research studies, and clinical trials in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Dr Honda’s research is focused on advanced cardiovascular images, including intravascular ultrasound and catheter-based optical coherence tomography/frequency domain imaging. He has authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications, chapters and editorials, and textbooks in this field.

Yasuhiro Honda

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Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) is a cardiovascular imaging technology using a specially designed catheter with a miniaturized ultrasound probe for the assessment of vascular anatomy with detailed visualization of arterial layers. Over the past two decades, this technology has developed into an indispensable tool for research and clinical practice in cardiovascular medicine, offering the opportunity to gather diagnostic information about the process of atherosclerosis in vivo, and to directly observe the effects of various interventions on the plaque and arterial wall. This book aims to give a comprehensive overview of this rapidly evolving technique from basic principles and instrumentation to research and clinical applications with future perspectives.

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