Nicolas Mollet

Researcher, "Workpackage Leader" at Technicolor since early 2011, I specialize in Virtual Reality (VR) and Robotics. My research currently focuses on Augmented Reality, Immersion, and Presence, to create new Technicolor applications and services. After 6 years of research and development of a training platform in VR for French military armaments (Nexter), and the participation in the assembly of a subsidiary that markets it (Nexter-Training), I managed for 3 years years a group of R & D for the realization of innovative multi-technical projects applied in the field of the (tele) Robotics, as "Team Leader" within the foundation IIT in Italy. All my work, on these 10 years of R & D, aims at real applications with high added value. My main scientific expertise focuses on human-machine interactions, on VR, communicating distributed multi-entity approaches and diffuse information. For my part, my application context led me to supervise projects with a strong technical, theoretical and human transversality. I am also a founding member of the European Association of Virtual Reality EuroVR. I was for 5 years, for the military engineering schools of Saint Cyr Coëtquidan, course leader, project manager, and head of 3 teachers. I am author of more than 25 international publications (patents, book and book chapters, newspapers, conferences).

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Any book which presents works about controlling distant robotics entities, namely the field of telerobotics, will propose advanced technics concerning time delay compensation, error handling, autonomous systems, secured and complex distant manipulations, etc. So does this new book, Remote and Telerobotics, which presents such state-of-the-art advanced solutions, allowing for instance to develop an open low-cost Robotics platform or to use very efficient prediction models to compensate latency. This edition is organized around eleven high-level chapters, presenting international research works coming from Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Netherlands.

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