Ali Al-Juboury

Al-Kitab University, Kirkuk, Iraq

Prof. Dr. Ali Ismail Al-Juboury is a professor in the Geology Department, Mosul University, Iraq. He obtained his BSc in Geology and MSc in Sedimentology from Mosul University in 1980 and 1983, respectively, and his Ph.D. from Comenius University, Slovakia, in 1992. He has published 115 scientific papers (44 Clarivate and Scopus) in local and peer-reviewed journals in the fields of petroleum geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, and economic geology. He is a member of numerous international societies and serves on the editorial board of the Iraqi Geological Journal, International Sedimentology, Stratigraphy Journal of Oil and Gas Basins, and International Journal of Geophysics and Geochemistry. Dr. Al-Juboury has received several awards, including the Distinguished Scholars Award from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait, in 2009, and the Science and Technology (Geology) Award from the Islamic States Organization in 2014.

Ali Al-Juboury

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Sedimentary Petrology - Implications in Petroleum Industry provides some new information on the importance of sedimentary petrology in various disciplines that are of great significance for the evaluation and locating of oil and gas. This book focuses on the provenance history of clastic rocks, reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon exploration in carbonate reservoirs, and enhanced oil recovery based on data from petrological investigations from various regions in Asia and Europe.

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