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P. D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre India

Dr Manish Agarwal is currently a consultant Orthopedic Oncologist at P.D Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai. He has pioneered the development of the indigenous tumor megaprosthesis system which is used nationally as well as some centres abroad. He has also pioneered the use of strut allografts for tumor defects and helped expand the tissue bank at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai where he was associate professor for 10 years, and the use of expandable prostheses in India. Along with Non Ferrous technology development corporation (NFTDC, Hyderabad) and IIT Mumbai, he has developed an international class tumor prosthetic system which will shortly undergo clinical trials. He has also done basic research work and phase I trials with traditional herbs for osteosarcoma.

Manish Agarwal

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This book is aimed at quickly updating the reader on osteosarcoma, a dreaded primary bone cancer. Progress in management of osteosarcoma has been slow after the evolution of chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery. Research is now directed towards identifying molecular targets for systemic therapy. Availability of chemotherapy drugs and low cost implants in developing world have allowed limb salvage surgery to develop. This book looks at current basic knowledge on osteosarcoma and some of the developments in research which have the potential to change the prognosis.

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