Xuhua Xia

University of Ottawa Canada

Dr. Xuhua Xia was born in Jiangxi, China, obtained his PhD in population biology from University of Western Ontario, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow/visiting scientist at University of Helsinki, University of Toronto, University of Washington, Louisiana State University and University of Chicago, carrying out research in molecular biology and evolution, molecular phylogenetics, and population genetics. He became an assistant professor at University of Hong Kong in 1996, and served in 2001 as a senior scientist and head of Bioinformatics Laboratory in the newly established HKU-Pasteur Research Centre. He came back to Canada in 2002 and has been full professor at University of Ottawa since 2009. Dr. Xia published two books in bioinformatics and molecular evolution, and is the author of the software package DAMBE that is widely used in molecular biology and evolution. He currently teaches courses in bioinformatics, molecular evolution and biostatistics.

Xuhua Xia

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This book consists of nine chapters covering a variety of bioinformatics subjects, ranging from database resources for protein allergens, unravelling genetic determinants of complex disorders, characterization and prediction of regulatory motifs, computational methods for identifying the best classifiers and key disease genes in large-scale transcriptomic and proteomic experiments, functional characterization of inherently unfolded proteins/regions, protein interaction networks and flexible protein-protein docking. The computational algorithms are in general presented in a way that is accessible to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers in molecular biology and genetics. The book should also serve as stepping stones for mathematicians, biostatisticians, and computational scientists to cross their academic boundaries into the dynamic and ever-expanding field of bioinformatics.

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