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Professor Yoshinobu Eishi, MD, MedScD, PhD,Chiar, Department of Human Pathology Director, Division of Surgical Pathology,Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) has graduated from Medical Faculty, TMDU in 1978. He became a Doctor of Medical Science ( MedScD ) in 1982 and received his PhD from the Department of Immunology, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University in 1990. From February 1992 he was a Lecturer at the Department of Pathology, TMDU, from April 1994 an Associate Professor at the Division of Surgical Pathology, TMDU Hospital, from April 2000 an Associate Professor at the Department of Human Pathology, TMDU, from January 2007 a Professor at the Department of Human Pathology, TMDU and from April 2007 he became a Director of the Division of Surgical Pathology, TMDU Hospital.

Yoshinobu Eishi

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More than 130 years have passed since the first description of sarcoid lesions by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, but the cause of this systemic granulomatous disease is still unknown. Sarcoidosis remains a somewhat mysterious disease because many patients may enter spontaneous remission but some patients are chronically affected or relapse after intervention. Advances in recent sarcoidosis researches have added new insights to our understanding of complexity of sarcoidosis as introduced in this textbook, which includes a new concept of etiology as an endogenous infection caused by hypersensitivity to indigenous bacteria, updated immunopathogenesis and genetic factors, new directions in therapy, and new diagnostic approaches with EBUS-TBNA and FDG-PET. I believe this textbook is useful not only in practice but also for future researches of sarcoidosis.

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