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Zoran M. Stevic (1958, Serbia) is a full-time professor at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and he is the chief of Department at the Technical Faculty in Bor. He received his PhD diploma from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, University of Belgrade. His research areas include energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, system modeling, computer measurement and process control, sensors, power electronics, optoelectronics, supercapacitors, electrochemistry and IR thermography. He is a member of IEEE and IBPSA. He published over 300 papers (over 40 refereed full papers in scientific journals), 5 books, and 4 chapters. Also, he was a project coordinator and a member of working group at many scientific and technical projects.

Zoran Stevic

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In this book, authors investigated asymmetric and symmetric supercapacitor configurations for different electrode materials. Besides the already standard activated carbon (AC), studies were done with other materials and technologies for their preparation and activation. Also, the research info was presented with different electrolytes in order to obtain a higher capacitance and potential window, with as small as possible serial resistance. Achieved high performance enables wide application, and some of the new applications (spacecraft power systems, powering heart pacemakers and wireless sensors) are also described in this book.

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