Patricia Ramos

Polytechnic Institute of Porto Portugal

Patri­cia Alexandra Gregorio Ramos obtained her licenciate degree in Applied Mathematics Field of Computer Science from Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto in 1993, Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering- Field of Systems from Faculty of Engineer of University of Porto (FEUP) in 1996 and PhD in Engineering Sciences from FEUP in 2005. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Institute of Accountancy and Administration of Porto, Polytechnic School of Porto. Her research activity is carried out in the Group of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at INESC Porto, in the areas of monitoring of ocean outfalls using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, assessment and management of sea outfalls, sewage plumes climatology, plumes dispersion mapping, geostatistics, environmental impact studies of wastewater discharges, etc.

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