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Nazzareno Diodato was born in Benevento, Italy in 1966 and was educated at the University of Naples \"Federico II\" where he received five years of education in Urban and Landscape Planning. Thereafter he conducted graduate studies at the several International Schools on GIS and Earth Sciences. Between 2008 and 2010 he was titled to the Fellow degree by Royal Meteorological Society. On 2009 Mr Diodato was regarded Member of the Scientific and Technical Committees-Editorial Review Boards at the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. Currently Mr Diodato is a Geoscientist at the Met European Research Observatory (MetEROBS). Established in 1986, MetEROBS is an accredited observational supersite, awarded in 2011 as Laureate by the ComputerWorld Honors Program ComputerWorld Honors Program.

Nazzareno Diodato

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This study is motivated by the need to give the reader a broad view of the developments, key concepts, and technologies related to information society evolution, with a focus on the wireless communications and geoinformation technologies and their role in the environment. Giving perspective, it aims at assisting people active in the industry, the public sector, and Earth science fields as well, by providing a base for their continued work and thinking.

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