Morteza SaberiKamarposhti

Universiti Kebansaan Malaysia(UKM)

Morteza SaberiKamarposhti received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Technology Malaysia. He is an assistant professor at the Multimedia University (MMU). He has several years of experience in teaching, research, administration, programming, and student affairs. Dr. Saberikamarposhti also has several research publications in well-known international journals and conferences to his credit.

Morteza SaberiKamarposhti

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Ontology is a formal characteristic and an entity of perception and concept. The characteristic of an ontology is the formal description of a set of terms and the relationships between them, which is obtained with a special language and in a file that can be understood by computers. Ontologies could be employed in several domains, such as global semantic networks, search engines, electronic commerce, natural language processing, knowledge engineering, information extraction and retrieval, multi-agent systems, qualitative modeling of physical systems, database design, information systems, and geographic and digital libraries. This book presents the latest advances and new visions in the field of ontology in information science.

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