Robert Koprowski

University of Silesia

In 1997 he earned a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and metrology. After graduation, he started working as an assistant at the Faculty of Technology (now the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science) of the University of Silesia. His interests have been focused on the issues of biomedical image analysis and processing, which in 2003 resulted in defending his doctoral dissertation on the use of image analysis and processing in medicine (in scoliosis) at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Dr. Koprowski is an author of more than 140 publications and is currently affiliated with the University of Silesia in Katowice.

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This book deals with medical image analysis methods. In particular, it contains two significant chapters on image segmentation as well as some selected examples of the application of image analysis and processing methods. Despite the significant development of information technology methods used in modern image analysis and processing algorithms, the segmentation process remains open. This is mainly due to intra-patient variability and/or scene diversity. Segmentation is equally difficult in the case of ultrasound imaging and depends on the location of the probe or the contact force. Regardless of the imaging method, segmentation must be tailored for a specific application in almost every case. These types of application areas for various imaging methods are included in this book.

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