Todor Stoilov

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Todor Stoilov is a researcher at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, affiliated to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He graduated in 'Control engineering” in Technical University of Sofia. Prof. Todor Stoilov obtained his PhD in 1979; and in 1999 he obtained the highest scientific title - 'Doctor of Science”. Since 2000, he is a full professor in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has published six monographs and more than 300 scientific papers and articles. His current research interests address domains like optimization, resource allocation, hierarchical control, management of information, transport, financial systems.

Todor Stoilov

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The time management is worthy goal of many human activities. It concerns variety problems related to goals definition, assessment of available resources, control of management policies, scheduling of decisions. This book is an attempt to illustrate the decision making process in time management for different success stories, which can be used as reference models by the interested audience.

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