Laura Anfossi

Laura Anfossi received the M.S. degree in Chemistry with full marks and honors and the Ph.D. degree in Biochemical Sciences at University of Torino in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Since 2005 she is Associate Professor at the Bioanalytical laboratory of the Department of Chemistry (University of Torino). She has published more than 80 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 3 book chapters and 1 international patent. She is member of the editorial board of the journals Toxins and Food and Agricultural Immunology. She has been responsible for joint projects with companies that brought to the market several immunodiagnostic kits. Her main research interest is the development of innovative immunodiagnostic methods in different formats and exploiting disparate technologies.

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Rapid tests, also known as point-of-care tests, have been in use for decades in the clinical and medical area and have become increasingly popular as an efficient screening method for conducting on-site analysis thanks to their simplicity, speed, specificity and sensitivity. Nowadays, rapid tests are widely applied for clinical, drug, food, forensic and environmental analysis and fields of application are rapidly increasing together with advances in the technology. The growing interest in rapid tests and their expanding application in diverse fields, together with requirements of improved sensitivity, reliability, multiple detection capacity and robustness, are prompting innovation in the design of novel platforms, and in the exploitation of innovative detection strategies. The book covers advances in materials, technology and test design.

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