Hirokazu Doi

Nagaoka University of Technology

Hirokazu Doi is an Associate Professor of Information and Management Systems Engineering at Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, and a specially appointed associate professor in the Data Science and AI Innovation Research Promotion Center, Shiga University, Japan. His main research topics include cognitive and neural mechanisms of human social perception and decision-making. He is also engaged in the development of supplementary diagnostics systems for psychiatric conditions and data-driven analysis of neural activation patterns.

Hirokazu Doi

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Testosterone regulates the physiological functions and morphology of biological organisms including humans at multiple stages of development. Understanding what is currently known about testosterone is important for specialists in many branches of science, including internal medicine, veterinary medicine, sports science, economics, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology. This book describes what is currently known about the androgenic function and its underlying mechanisms as well as reviews ethical and safety issues surrounding the clinical and practical application of achievements in testosterone research.

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