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Dr. Ming Yu Cao has served as a Senior Clinical Evaluator at Biologics and Genetics Directorate, Health Canada. Prior to joining Health Canada, he held a principal scientist position in pharmaceutical companies in Canada for 7 years. Dr. Cao received his Degree of Medicine (M.D.) and Master Degree (M.Sc.) in China and then performed clinical practice in a university hospital for several years. Following he obtained a Ph.D. degree in immunology at the Catholic University of Louvain School of Medicine in Belgium, he completed postdoctoral fellowships in molecular immunology and biochemistry at McGill University and at University of Toronto in Canada. Dr. Cao has published more than 20 scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed journals and some chapters in books. He also holds several scientific patents. He is an invited reviewer of a number of international scientific journals.

Ming Yu Cao

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Management of melanoma is challenging, especially for the late stage of the disease. Development of new therapies and optimizing current treatments are being pursued in attempt to further improve the survival rate. The book provides up-to-date knowledge and experience in early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of melanoma as well as current ongoing clinical studies on melanoma. The book also provides the most recent perspectives of research on the molecular basis of melanoma, such as melanoma associated genes and a possible link between stress and melanoma.

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