Hulya Çiçek

Gaziantep University

Dr. Çiçek received her medical degree from the Çukurova University School of Medicine in Adana/Turkey, in 1991. She completed her Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry residency training in 2004 at the Gaziantep University in Gaziantep, Turkey. She has graduated with a Master of Science in Management and Organization in social sciences. She was an Assistant Professor of Medical Biochemistry at Gaziantep University between 2007-and 2013. She became an Associate Professor in February 2013. She is currently a Professor at the Department of Medical Biochemistry/Gaziantep University School of Medicine since 2019. She also conducts academic studies in various disciplines. She worked as a thesis supervisor at the master's graduate and doctoral levels of many students. She is a member of editorial or reviewer boards of international eminent journals. Her research interests are focused on clinical biochemistry, biochemical technics, molecular biology, genetics, functional medicine, cancer research, nutrition, vitamin D, cardiac biomarkers, urology, neurologic diseases, dermatological biomarkers, obstetric and gynecology, and homocysteine. She is a member of The Turkish Society of Biochemistry, The Turkish Society of Clinical Biochemistry, and the Society of Clinical Biochemistry.