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Gaziantep University

Dr. Hülya Çiçek received her medical degree from the Çukurova University School of Medicine, Türkiye, in 1991. She completed her residency and training in biochemistry and clinical biochemistry in 2004 at the Gaziantep University, Türkiye. She became an associate professor in 2013. She is currently a full professor in the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Gaziantep University School of Medicine. Dr. Çiçek also conducts academic studies in various disciplines. She worked as a thesis supervisor for numerous master\'s and doctoral students. She took on various assignments in many international congresses and is a member of journal editorial and reviewer boards. She is currently Head of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Central Laboratory Coordinator at the University Hospital in Türkiye.

Hülya Çiçek

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This book discusses the diagnosis and treatment of several kidney diseases. For example, nephrotic syndrome is a disease in which the protein permeability of the basement membranes in the renal glomerular capillaries increases. Nephrotic syndrome may occur due to secondary causes or may be idiopathic. Glomerular diseases in children may occur secondary to primary renal involvement or systemic diseases. The clinical picture is classified as nephritic syndrome, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and isolated proteinuria or hematuria. Primary examinations that help define the clinical picture include a review of signs and symptoms, urine examination, amount of proteinuria, and renal function. A biopsy is performed on patients to determine the underlying disease, and the appropriate treatment is arranged according to this result. This book discusses all these issues and more.

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