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Dr. Deborah Woodman (pronouns she/her) is a professor in the School of Social Work, Algoma University, Ontario, Canada, where she teaches courses on gender and sexuality as well as a variety of social issues. She has lived in Sault Ste. Marie for seventeen years with her partner and is a proud member of the Queer/Trans community. Dr. Woodman often conducts training and leads conversations about activism and ally work.

Deborah Woodman

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No matter where LGBT+ people are found on the planet and no matter what our legality is, we are creating community and meaning as acts of resilience and rebellion. This book introduces a discussion about the action of creating a community, expressed by a global authorship encompassing the Netherlands, Spain, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Canada. Being Queer and Trans in some of these spaces is illegal, while in others it carries a stigma. In spite of the challenges and the consequences, LGBT+ people persist in seeking out community both online and offline. The various chapters include interviews, analyses of tweets and Instagram posts, and considerations of the utility of identity as a category. Each chapter considers the historical links, real-life experiences of people, and how social contexts contribute to what we now see globally. This exciting text will inspire readers to question how community is formed, where it can be found, what methods can be used to explore communities at risk, and how to understand what we discover.

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