Sevcan Aydin

Istanbul University Turkey

Sevcan Aydin is a professor in the Biology Department, Istanbul University, Türkiye. She earned her bachelor's degree from the Biology Department, Ege University, Türkiye, and her Ph.D. from the Environmental Biotechnology Program, Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Aydin holds a professorship in Environmental Engineering, with research interests spanning environmental biotechnology, renewable energy production, bioremediation, and environmental engineering. With forty-nine scientific articles in high-impact journals, Dr. Aydin imparts her knowledge by teaching biotechnological approaches to water treatment, environmental technologies, and bioenergy production. She focuses on optimizing bioenergy potential from various wastes and creating cost-effective strategies for polluted soil bioremediation. Specifically, she explores microalgae applications to enhance biogas production and address environmental challenges and biodiversity loss.

Sevcan Aydin

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This book provides comprehensive insights into the biotechnological process of converting organic matter into biogas, which is an essential renewable energy resource for addressing challenges related to fossil fuel depletion and environmental pollution. It includes six chapters that cover a spectrum of topics, including approaches to biogas upgrading, the optimization of biogas production through examination, mathematical modeling, and applied calculations, the application of bacteriophages to enhance anaerobic digestion, and more.

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