Thawar Arif

Applied Science University Bahrain

Thawar Arif is an assistant professor at Al-Isra Private University in Jordan. During 1994-1999 he has designed and developed the Attitude Control System of the Iraqi Telecommunications Satellite (IRAQSAT). During 1988-1990 he has designed and developed the Control System of the Iraqi Airborne Direction Finding System. In the early 1980s he designed and developed the Security Control System of the Conference Palace in Iraq. He has a Ph.D. from Baghdad University in Computer and Control Engineering, MSc. in Control and Instrumentation Engineering and B.Sc. in Control and Systems Engineering from University of Technology in Iraq. He is a member in the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. Also he is a professional member in the ACM

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Space technology has become increasingly important after the great development and rapid progress in information and communication technology as well as the technology of space exploration. This book deals with the latest and most prominent research in space technology. The first part of the book (first six chapters) deals with the algorithms and software used in information processing, communications and control of spacecrafts. The second part (chapters 7 to 10) deals with the latest research on the space structures. The third part (chapters 11 to 14) deals with some of the latest applications in space. The fourth part (chapters 15 and 16) deals with small satellite technologies. The fifth part (chapters 17 to 20) deals with some of the latest applications in the field of aircrafts. The sixth part (chapters 21 to 25) outlines some recent research efforts in different subjects.

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