Jung Huang

Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Jung Y. Huang, a university educator and researcher, has been working to unravel the structures and functional properties of materials and cellular events in living cells with varying optical methodologies. He has co-authored hundreds of journal papers and five book chapters. He also holds tens of patents in laser techniques and single-molecule/hyperspectral imaging and has developed architectural photonics based on hierarchically structured materials. Currently, his research focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence methodology with optics to automatically discover meaningful information from optical sensing/imaging data cubes. He has been an editorial board member and reviewer for several scientific journals. As a member of the global scientific community, he sincerely supports and endeavors to promote the spread of scientific knowledge.

Jung Huang

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Preprocessing Hyperspectral Imaging data and objectively retrieving meaningful information from high-dimensional data cubes present a number of challenging issues. This book offers a glimpse of the status of machine- and deep-learning methodological development, seeking to meet the challenge of new hyperspectral imaging applications.

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