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Instituto Adolfo Lutz Brazil

Dr. Neuza Satomi Sato is currently reseach fellow at  Instituto Adolfo Lutz, a reference laboratory in Public Health situated in Sao Paulo city, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. She graduateed from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universidade de São Paulo, and received a master and PhD degrees of Pharmacy from Universidade de Sao Paulo. She has experience in microbiology and biotechnology, acting in following subjects: research and development of new reagents and methods for laboratorial diagnosis and epidemiological studies of acquired and congenital infections. She is carrying out research related with syphilis disease since 1990.

Neuza Satomi Sato

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Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease was first described in 15th century, is caused by Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum and occurs worldwide. This book is a collection of chapters presenting the novel knowledge about the T. pallidum and some historical and up to date information about venereal disease and syphilis. The collection of articles includes: immunological aspects recognition of T. pallidum by the pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune; the whole genome analysis of treponemes and new targets for its molecular diagnosis; some historical aspects of venereal diseases treatment; natural history of syphilis including clinical manifestation and epidemiology; a clinical aspects dealing with psychiatric manifestations of neurosyphilis; spatial and temporal patterns of primary syphilis and secondary syphilis described by the spatial and space-time scan statistics; a commonly used methods for laboratorial diagnosis, the serological response to treatment of syphilis and safety in blood transfusion. I hope this book will be useful for students and research fellows as well for the wide audience.

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