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Miroslav Radenković, MD, Ph.D., is a full-time professor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade (FMUB) in 1995. He has been working in the Department of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, FMUB, since 1996. He received an MS in Pharmacology in 1999, board certification in clinical pharmacology in 2000, a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences in 2004, and a sub-specialization in Clinical Pharmacology - Pharmacotherapy in 2016, all from FMUB. He also obtained an MS in Bioethics from Clarkson University, NYC, USA in 2021. Since 2002, Dr. Radenković has participated in several scientific projects supported by the Ministry of Science – Serbia; the Austrian Science Fund - Vienna, Austria; COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology); and the NIH Fogarty International Center Project, USA. He is also a member of the Ethics Committee of Serbia.

Miroslav Radenkovic

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Corticosteroids are frequently prescribed drugs. Systemic corticosteroids possess potent anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and certain antineoplastic properties, thus being pivotal in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions, arthritic diseases, asthma exacerbations, neurological disorders, septic shock, and selected malignancies. Moreover, topical use of corticosteroids is essential in the treatment of dermatological and ophthalmological conditions as well as chronic asthma. Finally, administration of antenatal and postnatal corticosteroids is one of the most important features of modern obstetrics and neonatology. As such, this book provides a comprehensive overview of corticosteroids, including their pharmacological properties and clinical use, and addresses uncertainness in their appropriate prescribing.

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