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Brian W. Sloboda is an economist at the US Department of Labor and a faculty member at the University of Maryland, Global Campus where he teaches economics and finance. His research focuses on regional economics, economic growth, and labor economics with avocational research interests in finance and presidential election forecasting models. He is a committee member of the Federal Forecasters Consortium (FFC), a board member of the Pennsylvania Economics Association, and a member of the editorial board of Pennsylvania Economic Review. Dr. Sloboda is the former president of the Society of Government Economists (SGE) and is now its executive director. He is currently an assistant editor for the Journal of Economics and a senior social science editor for the European Scientific Journal. He is also a book review editor for the Review of Regional Studies.

Brian Sloboda

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Econometrics uses statistical methods and real-world data to predict and establish specific trends. This analytical method sustains limitless potential, but the necessary research for professionals to understand and implement this is often lacking. Econometrics - Recent Advances and Applications explores the theoretical and practical aspects of detailed econometric theories and applications within economics, policymaking, and finance. This book covers various topics such as dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models, machine learning, spatial econometrics, and time series analysis. This book is a useful resource for economists, policymakers, financial analysts, researchers, academicians, and graduate students seeking research on the various applications of econometrics.

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