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Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy

Marieta Stefanova, Ph.D., is an academic lecturer in the Department of Management and Logistics, Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Bulgaria. She teaches bachelor’s-level courses in Logistics and Quality and master’s-level courses in Quality Management, Safety, Environmental and Security Management, Logistics, Ship Agency, and Freight Forwarding. She has more than twenty-five years of professional experience as a quality manager in food manufacturing plants. Dr. Stefanova is a member of the Expert Council of the Center for Quality of Goods and Consumer Protection (CQGCP) at the Research Institute of the University of Economics (UE) – Varna. She is also a member of the Union of Scientists Bulgaria and the IGWT International Association for Commodity Science and Technology. She has published more than forty articles in national and international scientific journals.

Marieta Stefanova

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This book focuses on the integration of quality and risk management in logistics. It examines theoretical and practical guidelines and addresses the main risks of non-compliance with the customer and legislative requirements that arise in a constantly changing external environment. Chapters discuss changes in quality and risk management in logistics, research methodologies, and the risks of non-conforming services. The book also includes a Logistics Services Satisfaction Survey. The analyses presented give us a reason to believe that the development of a systematic approach, including both satisfaction analysis and risk factor analysis, may be sufficient grounds for initiating improvements in customer service.

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