Ciza Thomas

Government of Kerala

Prof. Ciza Thomas is currently working as the Senior Joint Director at the Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Kerala, India. She holds a doctoral degree in the area of cyber security with additional research interest in the fields of machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, pattern recognition, information retrieval, digital signal processing, and image processing. She has published in more than 70 international journals and international conference proceedings, as well as 50 national conference publications. She has edited seven books and published seventeen book chapters. She is a reviewer of more than ten reputed international journals including IEEE transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE transactions on Neural Networks, International Journal of Network Security, International Journal of Network Management, and IEEE-John Wiley International Journal on Security and Communications Network. She is a recipient of an achievement award in 2010 and the e-learning IT award in 2014 from Government of Kerala.

5books edited

3chapters authored

Latest work with IntechOpen by Ciza Thomas

This book on computer security threats explores the computer security threats and includes a broad set of solutions to defend the computer systems from these threats. The book is triggered by the understanding that digitalization and growing dependence on the Internet poses an increased risk of computer security threats in the modern world. The chapters discuss different research frontiers in computer security with algorithms and implementation details for use in the real world. Researchers and practitioners in areas such as statistics, pattern recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, data mining, data analytics and visualization are contributing to the field of computer security. The intended audience of this book will mainly consist of researchers, research students, practitioners, data analysts, and business professionals who seek information on computer security threats and its defensive measures.

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