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Born in 1971, Dr. Giuseppe Montanaro obtained his PhD in Crop Systems, Forestry and Environmental Sciences in 2006 from the University of Basilicata (IT) where he is currently employed within the Fruit Tree Section. His main research focus is on (i) fruit quality with a particular focus on Ca accumulation mechanisms in fruit (ii) water relations and photosystem II efficiency. He shall continue to make contributions to this topic in the light of the expected increasing frequency and severity of drought and other consequences of a changing climate. This will also involve developing easy-to-use techniques at the orchard scale (iii) Soil fertility remediation. He is actively pursuing new technologies to boost the accumulation of carbon in the soil, not just to increase carbon inputs through biomass increases and organic waste amendments.

Giuseppe Montanaro

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The book provides general principles and new insights of some plant physiology aspects covering abiotic stress, plant water relations, mineral nutrition and reproduction. Plant response to reduced water availability and other abiotic stress (e.g. metals) have been analysed through changes in water absorption and transport mechanisms, as well as by molecular and genetic approach. A relatively new aspects of fruit nutrition are presented in order to provide the basis for the improvement of some fruit quality traits. The involvement of hormones, nutritional and proteomic plant profiles together with some structure/function of sexual components have also been addressed. Written by leading scientists from around the world it may serve as source of methods, theories, ideas and tools for students, researchers and experts in that areas of plant physiology.

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