Jordi Casanova-Mollà

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Spain

My research started in 2009 Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, IDIBAPS as investigator with the grant Rio Hortega from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia. It was related to diagnosis in small fiber neuropathies. Neurophysiological recordings, specially focused on electromyography, quantitative sensory testing and nociceptive evoked potentials applied to small fiber neuropathies. Skin innervation and reinnervation. Also, the study of neuropathic pain in these patients made me move also on chronic pain. Its neurophysiological assessment to study central and peripheral mechanisms related to chronic pain. Hyperalgesia and descending inhibitory control. Conditioned pain modulation. I defended my doctoral thesis in 2012 at University of Barcelona regarding the relationship between nociceptive evoked potentials and skin innervation. Later, in 2016 I achieved my first official grant, FIS 2016 to investigate skin innervation as a marker of neurotoxicity after chemotherapy treatment. I become an IDIBAPS investigator at Neurociencies Area. Now, I keep working in two lines of research, small fiber neuropathies and neurophysiology applied to the study of chronic pain.

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