Farid A. Badria

Mansoura University Egypt

Professor Farid Badria, Ph.D., DSc, leads research projects on developing new therapies for liver, skin disorders, and cancer. He was among the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in medicinal and biomolecular chemistry in 2019, 2020, and 2021, according to the lists published by Stanford University, USA. He has been a scholar with the Arab Development Fund, Kuwait, ICRO-UNESCO, Chile, and UNESCO Biotechnology, France. Among the awards he has received are the TWAS Prize for the Public Understanding of Science, the WIPO Gold Medal for the best inventor, the State Outstanding Award in Medicine, the Outstanding Arab Scholar, Kuwait, and the Khawrazmi International Award, Iran. Prof. Badria has over 270 publications, including twelve books, has submitted 49 patents, 20 of which have received final certification, and has marketed several pharmaceutical products.

Farid A. Badria

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Currently, there are many complicated health disorders with different etiologies and pathogeneses, including cancers, obesity, periodontitis, cardiovascular disease, liver, skin and renal disorders. It is now known that the causes and pathogenesis of many complex chronic diseases are usually polyfactorial: genetic, environmental, constitutive factors, or a combination of these. Recently, poly-target molecules containing enzymes capable of catalyzing several reactions have been efficiently used in the treatment of several metabolic disorders, and infectious and inflammatory diseases. This book describes the history of the discovery of metformin and its chemistry. Topics presented include new approaches to the role of metformin in the treatment of diabetic patients and its ability to target multiple signaling pathways.

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