Mohamed Berber

University of Yamanashi Japan

Dr. Mohamed Reda BERBER has obtained his PhD from Tokushima University, Japan, followed by a fellowship at Kyushu University. Also, he was awarded with a doctoral Fellowship from I2CNER, Japan. Currently, he is an associate professor at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University. Dr. BERBER carried out a scientific research for more than 21 years and has contributed in several areas of polymers research and technology. He authored, co-authored and edited five academic books, published 41 academic papers, and presented 89 conference papers. Dr. BERBER is internationally recognized for his work in chemistry and his recent results of PEFCs were highlighted in NATURE. He was recently awarded with the Presidential Medal of Excellence of First Grade from the president of Egypt and also with the State Encouragement Award of scientific research development 2017.

Mohamed Berber

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This book shows the recent advances of the applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), in particular, the polymer functionalized carbon nanotubes. It also includes a comprehensive description of carbon nanotubes’ preparation, properties, and characterization. Therefore, we have attempted to provide detailed information about the polymer-carbon nanotube composites. With regard to the unique structure and properties of carbon nanotubes, a series of important findings have been reported. The unique properties of carbon nanotubes, including thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties, after polymer functionalization have been documented in detail. This book comprises 18 chapters. The chapters include different applications of polymer functionalization CNTs, e.g. photovoltaic, biomedical, drug delivery, gene delivery, stem cell therapy, thermal therapy, biological detection and imaging, electroanalytical, energy, supercapacitor, and gas sensor applications.

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