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University of Zagreb Croatia

Sanda Renko, PhD, is the Associate Professor at the Trade Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. She is the course coordinator for Wholesale and Retail Business, Business Logistics, Retailing Management, Benchmarking, Distribution Strategies, and Category Management. Dr. Renko is involved in numerous scientific projects such as FP7 FOCUS Balkans Project for European Union, the Project of the development of organic food distribution channels and the consumer protection in the Republic of Croatia and the Project of development of sale and distribution systems in Croatian enterprises. In 2006, she was awarded the „Mijo Mirković“ Award for the best scientific paper. She was guest editor in special issues of a number of scientific journals (World Journal of Retail Business Management, Food Product Marketing, and British Food Journal). Dr. Renko is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Sales, Retailing and Marketing.

Sanda Renko

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Over the past few decades the rapid spread of information and knowledge, the increasing expectations of customers and stakeholders, intensified competition, and searching for superior performance and low costs at the same time have made supply chain a critical management area. Since supply chain is the network of organizations that are involved in moving materials, documents and information through on their journey from initial suppliers to final customers, it encompasses a number of key flows: physical flow of materials, flows of information, and tangible and intangible resources which enable supply chain members to operate effectively. This book gives an up-to-date view of supply chain, emphasizing current trends and developments in the area of supply chain management.

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